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Samer Halimeh’s New London Jewellery Boutique Is in a Realm of Its Own

If you’re in London and just happen to be looking for a custom-made, handcrafted piece of jewellery featuring some rare diamonds, you might want to make Samer Halimeh’s new £10million global flagship store your first stop. One thing’s for sure, you won’t have to worry about your investment’s safekeeping as it’s said to be the most heavily fortified jewellery store in the English capital. Some safety features in the Knightsbridge boutique include 30mm thick bullet-proof glass with “weaved steel” curtains, “anti-ram raider” steel, 300 kg internal doors with 6mm thick steel and a vault embedded in 12 tonnes of reinforced concrete.

Although the Lebanese- American jeweller, who is known for his bespoke pieces and rare gemstones, has his headquarters in New York, he chose London to open the 3,000 sq. ft. global flagship store. Halimeh, who also has stores in places like Riyadh and Kuala Lumpur, believes having the store in London will help to serve the growing numbers of the world’s super-rich spending time in the  “billionaire capital of the world.” Plus, it is easily accessible for customers from Europe, Russia, the Middle East and India.

Another bonus is guests are invited to get familiar with the pieces as Halimeh believes “buying luxury jewellery is a very sensory and emotive experience.”  New customers and existing clients have the opportunity to view finished jewellery collections, discuss bespoke pieces or have existing heirloom pieces refashioned. Plus, it’s hard not to admire the store’s décor, done by Caroline Perrin of AC Matiere. There’s an extravagant 600-piece handmade Bohemian crystal chandelier, a timber decked drinks and cigar terrace and an extraordinary rhino sculpture by Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri.

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