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Samer Halimeh

Samer was born in Beirut, Lebanon, during the height of the Lebanese Civil War, quite literally amongst rubble and dust. Coming from what he describes as a “medical family”, Samer’s far-fetched aspirations of being a diamond trader were no match for his war-torn surroundings or his pedigree. Regardless, Samer was seduced by the lure of the diamond industry in early childhood. At the age of twelve, within the throngs of a dilapidated market in Beirut, Samer bartered successfully over his first diamond purchase; instinctively he knew a good deal when he saw one.

His career aspirations multiplied tenfold as he toyed, endlessly, with notions of becoming a renowned diamond trader. Samer’s unfaltering tenacity matched his lofty dreams. He couldn’t see himself working nine to five, nor did he have any intention of following his family’s footsteps in the medical profession. He knew there were other options to explore; he knew there was a whole world out there besides Lebanon, and he wanted it.

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Today, Samer has made a name for himself as one of the world’s leading diamond traders. His creations have been auctioned at Sotheby’s and Christie’s; other masterpieces have appeared on the red carpet and some are in the hands of royalty. Most notably, he unearthed one of the rarest diamonds in the world: the Ocean Blue Diamond. This find, along with the one-of-a-kind Vivo Per Lei diamond, has aroused an aura of convivial curiosity amongst industry experts who eagerly anticipate Samer’s next masterful creation. 
Samer is well-travelled with a strong cultural and historical awareness - an advantage that helps him deal with diverse demands: His clientele ranges worldwide, from Arabia to Western Europe to Russia and the Far East.  He has mastered the complex, intimate, multifaceted process of diamond trading precisely because he started an outsider and worked his way into the ‘inner circle’.



“You have to acknowledge that it is want against need. You’re not giving clients what they need. You’re giving clients what they want.” – Samer Halimeh

What sets Samer apart from the rest is his reluctance to oversaturate the market with his creations. Samer values privacy and ironically, despite his success, intentionally remains somewhat elusive. On the other hand, he recognizes that the growth of his gem house is determined by the growth of his clientele. In order to counteract this predicament, every single deal he has closed has been one-on-one, with no third parties involved and he reiterates that this aspect of his business will never change.  As a result, Samer offers private viewings upon request, allowing him scope for what he calls “tailored catering”.

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