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“The earth gives you something to work with; that’s the beauty of it. You have to accentuate the features…make it more alluring; that’s the excitement of it.” 

– Samer Halimeh 

The highest standards of creative artistry are exemplified in Samer Halimeh’s timeless and exquisite creations. Samer Halimeh jewels are designed by a small team of exceptionally skilled craftsmen working meticulously to create elaborate, lavish masterpieces such as the Beating Heart diamond. 

With many years of training, our team has mastered the complex, scientific technique of cutting with maximum precision to expose the natural beauty of each diamond. From here, our craftsmen polish the diamonds to their full radiance, bringing them to life with sparkle and immaculate brilliance, effortlessly transforming products of nature into magnificent works of art.

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