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Square And Emerald-Shaped Diamond Rings Are Trending thanks to SAMER HALIMEH

Updated: May 22, 2020

Emerald and princess-cut diamonds, in particular, are trending thanks to Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring by Samer Halimeh, making its debut on Instagram.

Given to her by fiancé Alex Rodriguez, the ring was reportedly purchased from London jeweller Samer Halimeh for an alleged £3.8 million (about S$6.4 million). Lopez, whose previous engagement rings included a pink diamond stone flanked by two baguette-shaped diamonds from ex-fiancé Ben Affleck, and a blue diamond from former husband Marc Anthony (both from Harry Winston), appears to prefer radiant or emerald shapes when it comes to her bling. And there’s definitely a Jennifer Lopez effect when it comes to what women are buying or asking for, with the demand for pink diamonds reportedly rising circa 2002 when her ring from Affleck was first unveiled.

Source: ELLE Singapore

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