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Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany bought £500k diamond 'friendship' bracelet from SAMER HALIMEH NY

President Trump's daughter Tiffany picked up a £500,000 diamond “friendship” bracelet when she visited a Knightsbridgejewellers during her father’s state visit to Britain earlier this month.

The socialite and law student, 25, who is Mr Trump’s only child with his second wife Marla Maples, spent 45 minutes browsing at the Samer Halimeh New York store with her boyfriend Michael Boulos. Coincidentally, she is named after the famous Fifth Avenue jewellers.

Also on the three-day trip to the UK were her elder half siblings Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka.

Maan Chakhchir, manager at Samer Halimeh New York, said: “Michael Boulos and Tiffany Trump visited our Knightsbridge boutique for around 45 minutes and from meeting them I can say that they are a really lovely couple, very down-to-earth and clearly very happy together.

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