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‘Bond Street’ Level Jeweler Samer Halimeh NY Now Accepts Bitcoin

The luxury diamond retailer headquartered in Knightsbridge, Samer Halimeh NY, has decided to start accepting bitcoin for the jewelers’ retail services and business-to-business (B2B) gemstone trades. The company was created by the entrepreneur, Samer Halimeh, a Lebanese-born American who made his mark as a luxury international jeweler. The Samer Halimeh NY brand has shops in London, Riyadh, and New York. The jewelry store’s founder has also provided valuable trinkets to celebrities such as Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Oprah Winfrey, and the royal families of Saudi Arabia.

The Samer Halimeh firm says they will be using Bitpay for its bitcoin merchant services, and the Atlanta-based company will also help facilitate B2B trades. Samer Halimeh, the chief executive of Samer Halimeh NY believes his shop is one of the first ‘bond street’ diamond and luxury jewelry dealers to accept bitcoin.

“We are the first diamond dealer and ‘bond street’ level luxury jeweler to start accepting and trading using bitcoins,” explains Halimeh. “This is because we have seen rising inquiries for this digital currency from clients, suppliers and trading partners.”

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