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Bling bling: Emirati singer Ahlam glitters in necklace valued at Dh25 million

The 380-carat necklace, made with yellow diamonds and Colombian green emeralds, was inspired by and designed specifically for the singer

Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi typically always shines on stage, but this week she sparkled even more than usual as she stepped out at Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Season.

The former Arab Idol judge and current coach of The Voice: Ahla Sawt was dressed in a black gown by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad for her performance, that formed part of the event's closing ceremony, but it was her jewellery that really stole the show.

The singer sported a statement necklace featuring 380 carats of intense yellow diamonds with rare Colombian green emeralds, with the piece valued at $7 million (Dh25 million).

The necklace was designed by Lebanese-born American jeweller Samer Halimeh, and was created specifically for Al Shamsi.

“The inspiration behind the piece was Al Shamsi herself, as she is grand, unique and exceptional in everything she does. Her love for Saudi Arabia was highlighted in the necklace via the green emeralds," said a representative from the brand. "This necklace was created to be worn specifically by Ahlam – no one else could pull it off the way she did. She was breathtaking."

The necklace was six months in the making, and was the fruition of a joint effort between the jewellery brand’s London and New York teams.

Al Shamshi visited the London flagship boutique several times, meeting privately with designer Halimeh to start the preparation for the necklace, which was created specifically for the occasion of the Riyadh Season’s closing night. This was the brand’s first project with the singer.

“We loved her charming and captivating personality and are already waiting for another big hit, which is sure to come soon,” said the representative. Meanwhile, the opulent necklace is officially a part of Ahlam’s personal jewellery collection.

The singer is no stranger to extravagant clothes and accessories. In 2012, she reportedly wore a dress by Lebanese designer Tony Yaacoub in Arab Idol that featured gold and diamonds, and was valued at Dh1.3 million.

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